Thursday, February 5, 2009

Awwww yeah...

We are SO having a baby boy!!

The ultrasound was crystal clear. We are SO excited for little Jackson Thomas.

We will post some pics and the like soon.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

8 Things...or any number that I can think of

8 TV shows I enjoy watching:
1) Sportscenter
2) The Office
3) Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
4) The Colbert Report
5) Meet the Press
6) Seinfeld
...that's all I've got people.

8 things that happened yesterday:
1) Kaitlynn came into town
2) We all went to see "Forgotten Carols", and Jordan tore it up
3) worked
4) fell asleep to "Dave" as usual
5) Watched snow fall for like 5 hours IN LAS VEGAS
6) Shoveled snow off of my car...IN LAS VEGAS
7) Watched Nikki and NashDee play in the snow covered back yard...IN LAS VEGAS...weird!

8 things I'm looking forward to:
1) A new baby come June 22. If it's a little girl, Georgia Lynn and if it's a little boy, Jackson Thomas.
2) The second trimester
3) Christmas with the family
4) Family competitions while down in AZ
5) Matt & Kelly getting married
6) The Christmas Story
7) Mom's crescent rolls...WOW
8) Watching nieces and nephews go ballistic when opening presents from Santa Clause

8 things I love about WINTER:
1) Holidays
2) Great food
3) Looking forward to summer

8 things on my wish list:
1) A healthy and happy Nikki
2) A healthy baby
3) Lot's of books for Christmas
4) Jordan to move to Las Vegas
5) A 200 person group who wants me to be their broker
6) A golf membership at the TPC
7) A house with a basement and home theater
8) Peace on Earth would be nice too

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I'm sorry...SOO sorry

So last night I said something kinda mean to Nikki...she was sad and went to bed right after that and I never went up to apologize after that before she fell asleep for the night.

She told me this morning that I owe her an apology and that she actually checked my blog first thing this morning to see if I had made a public announcement out of my remorse last night and that is why I didn't come up to apologize. What a goof ball!! Obviously, since I am telling you this, I didn't get that part right either, but they say the only thing worse than being wrong, is staying wrong.

SO...Nikki, I'm sorry. Please forgive me for being a meanie head to you last night about your blurking activities.

In other news, Nikki is pregnant. Due date is June 22. We are PUMPED!! We don't know the gender yet, and you can read more about Nikki's adventures in baby making at her blog:

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

So true, so true...

The reason so many people misunderstand so many issues is not that these issues are so complex, but that people do not want a factual or analytical explanation that leaves them emotionally unsatisfied. They want villains to hate and heroes to cheer— and they don't want explanations that do not give them that. --Thomas Sowell

Thursday, September 25, 2008

So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen WAMU...

So, instead of taking care of business, our bank is out of business. It's kind of a weird thing to say that "our BANK was seized by the feds and basically auctioned off..."? Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how optomisitic or not you are, we were never in danger of losing our deposits to begin with as we didn't have in excess of $100,000 at our bank. PHEW!! Big sigh of relief there, right?? :)

Anyway, probably not a lot of people can say that their bank failed. We are just lucky I guess. Bring on JP Morgan Chase.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Soloist

Here's hoping that this movie isn't R-rated, because it looks pretty good!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A new post...

So, the reality here people is that once you fall out of blogging regularly (which I managed to do about 3 blog posts in) it is difficult to get back into the habit. Even now, after having not blogged since July, I feel like I have NOTHING to write about. So, here is a few random pics to demonstrate what I have been up to in the recent past.

Ok, so for the most part I was completely addicted to the Olympics. It started with Nicole decorating the house with Chinese lanterns and ordering food from our favorite Chinese delivery place. How about that opening ceremony?

We watched every single Michael Phelps event live, and considering how completely bizarre the NBC broadcasting schedule was, that was a serious endeavor. The 4x100 relay that we BARELY eeked out was the coolest sports moment I have ever seen. It was really cool to see athletes who compete for the love of their respective sports more than the love of glamour and money. The excitement of those 4 guys when they won that was fun to watch over and over again throughout the whole olympics.

So, we went to Colorado with my family for a full week. I heard all the great stories from the family about last years trip (which Nikki and I could not attend) about reelin' in the trout faster than you could unhook 'em. So, in prep for this trip just about everyone in the whole fam buys new fly fishing gear. New rods and reels, waders...the whole 9 yards. We buy fishing licenses up there and everything. We were buying "flies" named things like "Reservoir Whore" and "River Hoochie"...apparently these inanimate flies made from feather and metal have a very loose moral code. Well, I think you may be picking up on where this is headed. WE GOT SKUNKED!! About the only people to catch fish were my nieces and nephews who used snoopy poles and power bait.

About midway through the week we found this beauty of a town called Ouray, Colorado. This place was really great. I was definitely yuppie, but it had a great downtown to check out and a few historic hotels including the Beaumont which is prominently feautured below.

The Hotel Exterior

The Lobby

A Guest Room

A few weeks ago Nicole's aunt Bonnie was in town. When someone comes in from out of town, Tim, Nicole's dad likes to take everyone for a nice dinner. This restaurant is Delmonico's in the Venetian I believe. It's an Emerill Legasse(spelling) restaurant. It was really great. I had a nice big juicy steak, and then a banana cream pie that looked so good I didn't even want to eat it.

We also managed to squeeze in a long weekend with my folks and brother and sister in law from Utah at Nicole's folks cabin up in Brian Head, UT. We had a great time seeing the sights and enjoying the cool weather at 10,000 feet.

So, I love golf. I love it more than I should. That love does not translate into playing frequently or playing well for that matter, but recently while down in AZ to see my family and get some business done, I played golf 3 days in a row, once at the course pictured above. There was an insane amount of water on the course, and I don't just mean the lakes. AZ had a heavy monsoon season and the course was literally under water. You had to wear snorkeling gear when you left your golf cart. At one point, I hit into a lake right up next to a green, or so I thought because of the splash. I was shocked b/c where I hit my ball from, I didn't think the lake came that close to the green. When I got to the green I discovered that I was a good 20 yards away from any lake, and that the 3 or 4 foott deep SAND bunker had completely flooded. I couldn't even get my ball out of the was under 3 feet of water.

This is my last picture. This is my best buddy Jordan Bluth. This is Jordan performing in an obviously very serious dramatic opera. OR, this is Jordan in Forever Plaid. I post this b/c I am going to AZ this weekend to see Jordania in a new original musical entitled "Blackbeard". I had to use this pic and not one from the show website b/c I couldn't find one of Jordan on there. Weird since he is one of the leading men. Not cool! Anyway, you can check out the website at Good luck J-Dizzle, I am sure that show is going to be awesome.

That's a wrap people. Stay tuned and I am sure I will update again in about 4 or 5 months. :)